Rivard Report – May 5th, 2017
LOOP Connects Young Professionals
San Antonio has been recognized as one of the fastest growing cities, yet many young professionals who move here flounder to find their niche in the city. As a small solution to a larger problem, five years ago the Leadership Organization of Professionals (LOOP) launched the first Mega Mixer…

Forbes September 30th, 2016
Meet The Millennials Transforming San Antonio
The dinner party that I hosted in late August, while passing through one night during my 1,000-mile drive between Austin and Phoenix, offered the quintessential combo of old and new San Antonio. I was dining at La Fonda On Main, a San Antonio institution in the historic Alta Vista…

Rivard Report August 27th, 2013
LOOPers and the Decade of Downtown
Talk to most young professionals, or anyone engaged in seeing San Antonio progress, and you start hearing the same things. There aren’t enough quality opportunities here, this city can’t retain talent, and we’ll never be a top competing city…

City of SA Economic DevelopmentAugust 14, 2013
LOOP, a group of young professionals transforming SA!
I knew from personal experience that being a young professional in San Antonio was not without its difficulties. I grew up in San Antonio, but moved away for college and work. When I returned, I found it difficult to insert myself back into San Antonio’s slow moving rhythm. I met Kelly in a kickball league that played in Hemisfair Park. When she told me about her work with LOOP, I jumped at the chance for an interview…

FOX NewsJune 7, 2013
Street’s Corner: LOOPers Bring Change To SA Social Scene
Part social club. Part lobbying group. That’s how the founding members of LOOP (Leadership Organization Of Professionals) describe their organization. JT Street follows the group’s leaders on a “Transit Tuesday” happy hour trip on ”Street’s Corner.”

My SAApril 23, 2013
‘Loopers’ calling to city’s young professionals
Something that never changes is that the future belongs mostly to the young.
It is critical that cities attract young professionals because they will have the longest amount of time to create wealth for themselves and others and to assume business and community leadership roles…

SA Urban Living
LOOP ( not to be confused with Loop Land, a term sometimes used to refer to the area North of Loop 1604) , a nascent organization whose mission is to gather “young professionals who are interested in getting involved in the community and to make San Antonio the premiere place for young professionals to live, work and play,” said Lori Houston, Chairman of the non-profit…

SA Business JournalMarch 29, 2013
LOOP markets San Antonio to young professionals
San Antonio has been successful in marketing the city to visitors. The challenge is different when the objective is to encourage workers and companies to relocate here permanently — especially when it comes to young professionals.
But there’s a new organization in town that seeks to change all of that. LOOP (Leadership Organization of Professionals) was founded as a catalyst to expand the city’s image beyond family life and to market San Antonio to young professionals, says Lori Houston, LOOP’s chairman…