312 Pearl Parkway, 78215

Tucked away behind Il Sogno at Pearl, you’ll find Blue Box Bar – a perfect place to grab a drink and watch your favorite team or try a new specialty drink from their talented bar staff. It’s a great fit for San Antonio because its personality, much like the city, can be dressed up or down to fit the guest.

Bonus: There’s a story behind the name Blue Box Bar and it dates back to the days when Pearl Brewery was in operation. Employees at Pearl Brewery were allowed to drink on the job and during the day, foreman regulated the employees’ consumption to ensure that not too many beers were disappearing off the line. The overnight employees, had the same drinking privileges, but they got their Pearl out of an unmarked blue cooler. The cooler was referred to as the, “Blue Box.” The bar strives to keep the tradition of being a comfortable place to grab your favorite drink!