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Member Spotlight: Taylor Allen

Want to learn more about your fellow LOOPer? Look no further than the LOOP Member Spotlight! Each month, we'll highlight a member, and give you the scoop on them, their San Antonio favorites and a little more about their vision for LOOP! This month, we're spotlighting Taylor Allen, a civil engineer at BIG RED DOG. Occupation: Civil Engineer Role in LOOP: Board of Directors - Ambassador Committee Chair Hometown: San Antonio, TX University (if any): Texas A&M University What brought you to (or back to) San Antonio: My initial job out of college was based in San Antonio. I did have the opportunity to travel substantially with this job, allowing me to spend extended periods of time in San Jose, CA; Columbia, SC; Trenton, NJ; and Cape Canaveral, FL. I really enjoyed getting to sample so many great cities on both coasts. What do you hope to see LOOP bring to San Antonio? I believe LOOP has a unique opportunity to bridge the geographical separation of young professionals spread throughout San Antonio allowing YPs to coalesce and develop a strong YP community. Describe a LOOPer in three words: Passionate, Engaged, Optimistic Describe your ideal San Antonio: San Antonio is headed in a pretty great direction right now. I think that continued development of the urban core, big picture transit solutions, and maybe one more week of Fiesta and we'll be good to go. What do you think San Antonio does well? San Antonio does a great job of providing opportunities. In many cases, we [...]

By | October 1st, 2014|Member Spotlight|

Places we love: Blue Box Bar

312 Pearl Parkway, 78215 Tucked away behind Il Sogno at Pearl, you’ll find Blue Box Bar – a perfect place to grab a drink and watch your favorite team or try a new specialty drink from their talented bar staff. It’s a great fit for San Antonio because its personality, much like the city, can be dressed up or down to fit the guest. Bonus: There’s a story behind the name Blue Box Bar and it dates back to the days when Pearl Brewery was in operation. Employees at Pearl Brewery were allowed to drink on the job and during the day, foreman regulated the employees’ consumption to ensure that not too many beers were disappearing off the line. The overnight employees, had the same drinking privileges, but they got their Pearl out of an unmarked blue cooler. The cooler was referred to as the, “Blue Box.” The bar strives to keep the tradition of being a comfortable place to grab your favorite drink!

By | September 24th, 2014|Blog|

Place Branding: Downtown San Antonio

In May 2013, Centro Public Improvement District (PID) property owners approved the expansion of the District. This expansion included a larger boundary, as well as the addition of services, including the development of a marketing and image campaign for downtown. Centro has been working with a small steering committee on the first phases of this campaign. The committee recognized that there are a number of individual brands that currently exist in our downtown and play a big role in its current and future image. One of those brands is: The Young Professional. Centro recognizes Young Professionals are most definitely a brand of downtown and were interested in hearing our thoughts on the YP brand, the concept of an overall brand for downtown, and how the two can complement and support each other. To represent the YP brand, Centro asked LOOP to take part in the event. One of the most interesting topics that came about was the idea of place branding in cities. From an outsider looking in, one might identify San Antonio by a few things: The River Walk, Mexican food and The Alamo. This is what the city has been branded upon for decades. While these images may describe the tourism district of Downtown San Antonio, there is so much more to it. Melissa Burnett, ‎Director of Marketing and Communications at Centro San Antonio, brought up the idea of place branding to remedy the status quo. The idea is to help communities, cities, countries and destinations distill and articulate their [...]

By | September 18th, 2014|Blog|
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